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General Building Services

Lafire Asia Pte Ltd understands the importance of fire protection systems in a building. To address major issues like fire protection and the effectiveness of protective measures, our dedicated team went through 5 to 6 years of research and progress and developed Ingeborg. Besides saving lives in the event of fire outbreak. Ingeborg also reduces the rising cost of insurance policies, protects capital investments and reduces the possible risk to the firefighters.

Ranked number 2 worldwide in providing fire protection system, Ingeborg is a high-performance fire rated calcium silicate board that serves as one of the alternatives to other fire rated board protection system in the building industry.

Complying with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)’s regulation requirement, Ingeborg is lighter and thinner as compared to the spray system and the intumescent system available in the market, making it a more superior product. It is noncombustible, engineered calcium silicate board.

General Building Services

British Standard 476 Part 20:

For the provision of fire resisting constructions to cable ducts in general building services in accordance with the performance criteria of BS 476: Part 20 and AS 1530: Part 4. As no specific British Standard exists for such applications, Prompt constructions have been tested in accordance with the criteria of German. The British Standard BS 476: Part 24, and appraised to BS 476: Part 2.

The appraisals include an allowance for both internal and external. The integrity and where pertinent the insulation performance of the enclosure, and any penetrations through compartment walls and floors, is measured.

Circuit integrity of electrical cables or the ability of the service to function are not measured and do not constitute part of the failure criteria.


General Technical Properties

2440mm x 1220mm





Thermal Conductivity (k) at mean Temperature

0.175 (@20°C)W/m°k

Moisture Content


Moisture movement


Bending Strength

≥ 7.0Mpa


≥ 5.5Mpa

Tested and Comply
British Standard 5234 Part 2:1992
ISO TR 1896:1991:

Comply with clauses 3.8.7 (b) and 3.8.9 (a) of Singapore Fire Code: 2013 for drywall construction

Fire Performance
Material Class (BS476: Part 4: 1989):


Fire propagation of product (BS 476: Part 6: 1989):

Index (I)

Surface spread of flame (BS 476: Part 7: 1997):

Class 1